10 Reasons to Consider A Health Care Job in America

  1. Caring for others is a rewarding career that helps those most in need while opening opportunities for yourself.
  2. Successful employment and impressing your employer can lead to sponsorship for a green card.
  3. The skills, training, and job experience from such practical and in demand positions improves your chances of getting a visa and of immigration to the United States.
  4. The number of positions in the health care sector in America has been growing the past several years as demand for healthcare services has increased.
  5. There are positions requiring all levels of training and education and the possibility to advance with additional education.
  6. You can start as a high school student, a student entering university, or as someone who is looking to go directly into the workforce.
  7. You can work part of the week while gaining more education and training on your days off or focus on earning a higher salary by working overtime.
  8. Training for positions such as certified nursing assistant and licensed practical nurse is less expensive and faster than getting a four-year degree for those who want a faster track to employment in the United States.
  9. Getting a four-year degree in a field like nursing for those who have the time and money has a higher chance of rapid placement after graduation and large starting salary.
  10. There are programs such as those offered by American Scholar that provide cultural acclimation, intensive English, enrollment in training programs or university degree programs, and assistance with employment placement.