American Baccalaureate

Amer­i­can scholar presents the Amer­i­can Bac­calau­re­ate pro­gram as an alter­na­tive to the British O & A lev­els and the Swiss Inter­na­tional Bac­calau­re­ate. Its pur­pose is twofold: to pro­vide both inter­na­tional stu­dents with a stan­dard­ized Amer­i­can cur­ricu­lum and Amer­i­can and inter­na­tional uni­ver­si­ties with a more effi­cient sys­tem for review­ing all prospec­tive student’s grades and appli­ca­tion mate­ri­als.

The Amer­i­can Bac­calau­re­ate offers stu­dents both courses and exam­i­na­tions in Eng­lish, For­eign Lan­guages, Math­e­mat­ics, Biol­ogy, Chem­istry, Physics, Eco­nom­ics, U.S. His­tory, and Euro­pean His­tory. Two lev­els of assess­ment are avail­able, the basic level G10 and the advanced level G12.