Student Engagement

ASG Advisors

At the American Scholar Group (ASG), each student is assigned an advisor according to their preferences, interests, and objectives.

Students meet with their advisor at least twice a month to review their academic progress and to keep track of the steps they are taking toward achieving their goals.

At these one-on-one sessions, issues concerning student conduct, living accommodation, and life at school and ASG, are also discussed to identify any challenges preventing students from making the most of their education experience.

ASG advisors will help students find solutions to existing problems and recommend education programs appropriate for their needs. More successful students are encouraged to take more challenging classes at school or to even enroll in university courses that will allow them to earn university-level credits. Career-minded students can also be matched with local businesses for internships and work experience opportunities. As students progress and realize their goals, counselors will help craft new objectives for them and design a roadmap for achieving them. These meetings also provide students regular opportunities to develop inter-personal skills and practice professional etiquette in all manners of speech and presentation.

Whether a student is falling behind or excelling in school, the ASG advising program functions as a personalized student support system designed to assist them with maximizing their education experience.

School Liaison Officers

Liaison officers are stationed in each school to assist ASG students with their adjustment process, making sure that a constant line of communication between ASG and our schools is established so that all students’ needs are met.

Parent-Teacher Communications

ASG strives to maintain a strong line of communication between parents and our staff. We understand that parental support is essential to any student’s success. Grade reports and comments are issued twice a week to keep all parents informed about their child’s academic progress, achievements, or struggles.