• High School Diploma to University Track

All international students in their 11th grade year can apply

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International Students who are currently in or who have completed the equivalent of their 11th grade year in their home country.

International Students who have completed O levels or equivalent

Greenville High School (GHS)

Greenville High School is an American F1 public School for 9th to 12th grade education, with numerous education and extra-curricular programs that will allow students to maximize their education experience.

GHS boasts a 13:1 student-to-teacher ratio, multiple Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and numerous university-level classes from the University of Pittsburgh and Seton Hill University. GHS is designed for international students who wish to complete their 12th grade education and graduate with an American High School Diploma. International students can also attend GHS for a one-year American education and cultural immersion program.

GHS Fast Facts

• Public School for 9th to 12th Grade Education

• 13:1 Student-to-Teacher ratio

• 70% of Teachers with Masters’ or PhD Degrees

• Multiple Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

• 43 Credits available for University-Level Courses from the University of Pittsburgh and Seton Hill University

• Opportunity to earn up to one academic year’s worth of university-level credits while attending Greenville High School

• Designed for students who wish to:

     – Pursue a one-Year American Immersion Education Program

     – Complete their 12th Grade Education and Graduate with an American High School Diploma

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Accommodation & Meals

Students will stay in ASG Housing and receive ASG Dining Services. Click the links for more information

Student Support Services

Students will receive academic support from ASG support services. Click the link for more information