Academic Support

  • Academic Support

ASG Academic Advising

At ASG, each student is assigned an academic adviser whom they meet with regularly to review their progress and experience at ASG and school.

At these one-on-one sessions, students and advisers work together to address any ongoing issues and develop roadmaps for helping the student achieve his or her goals and objectives. These meetings also provide students regular opportunities to develop interpersonal skills and practice professional etiquette in all manners of speech and presentation.

Whether a student is falling behind or excelling in school, the ASG advising program functions as a personalized student support system designed to assist them with maximizing their academic opportunities.


Vickie Beckman

Vickie Beckman

Ben Ho

Ben Ho

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David Stump

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Jeff Baylor

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Annie Camp

Rock Xia

Rock Xia

Gina Ding

“I really benefited from the ASG advising program. When I was in the process of applying to colleges, my advisor worked with me every day to help me with ideas for my personal statements and even taught me how to write creatively. I’m so grateful for all the help because I managed to get into my first choice university!”

Gina DingJiaxing, China, Greenville High School Class of 2015, Attending University of Illinois

Student-Parent Engagement

Parental involvement in their children’s education is one of the most important factors for achieving academic success. Fortunately, American Scholar makes it easy to stay involved with your child’s academic life through our Parent-student engagement resources.

Parents are provided updates about their child’s progress every month via newsletters, progress reports, and Skype meetings with ASG academic support staff.

ASG Student-Liaison officers ensure all meetings and materials are translated so that parents will stay informed and updated.

Parents also have access to a 24/7 hotline in case of emergency.

ASG parents are provided updates about their child’s academic progress via:

Monthly Progress reports, including daily attendance reports


Monthly Meetings with ASG academic support staff with translators present

Academic Awards & Scholarships

At the end of every academic year, the entire ASG community gathers at our annual commencement banquet to celebrate the academic accomplishments of various outstanding students. Awards and a number of scholarships are presented at this special event to select students for the following categories:

Awards from past years include:

Subject Tutoring & Homework Assistance

  • ASG students are given up subject tutoring every day after school from Monday to Thursday.
  • Students who fall behind in school are identified early and given the support they need to get back on track.
  • Tutors & Advisors work closely with schools to track students’ academic progress weekly.
  • Additional tutoring sessions are also available during the weekends for students who require more attention and support.
  • During these tutoring sessions, students can work with qualified tutors for help with:


Essay Planning

Studying for Tests

Questions About Classes at School

Special Academic Tracks


Particularly driven and successful students are encouraged to take university courses that give them the chance to earn university credits and demonstrate their ability to succeed in higher level programs. Taking university courses also allows students to study topics in greater depth, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their academic pursuits at a university.

Students who start early can complete up to one academic year’s worth of university credits or more. Programs can be taken in the summer holidays or throughout the school year.


ASG’s credit recovery program helps students earn credit in classes they fell behind in or failed during the school year. Students in the program are paired with a tutor who will work closely with them one-on-one to complete required coursework and pass their examinations. Upon completion of all course requirements, a new transcript and grade are issued against the former grade.

Intensive English Program

ASG offers an intensive American English Language program designed to help international students:

  • Develop and strengthen English language skills
  • Progressively enhance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Understand American academic expectations
  • Transition into U.S. classrooms successfully

Students are placed into various program levels depending on their ability and proficiency:

Students who graduate from the intensive American English program will continue their language development via monthly independent projects that focus on community engagement, personal reflection and expanding their capacity for critical thinking.

Standardized Test Prep

Taking university entrance exams is part of every high school student’s experience.

Students at ASG preparing to take these exams can attend test prep classes for the SAT, ACT, TOEFL and AP exams.

At these sessions, instructors will help students learn how to identify context clues, understand the expectations of test creators, and familiarize themselves with the test formats.

Test Prep Classes are Available for:

University Admissions

University Seminars & Tours

University tours and visits and seminars are planned throughout the year to major area institutions like Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and more. Students may also request and arrange for visits to particular institutions. From time to time, university representatives from top institutions will host admissions seminars at nearby locations and cities. Past representatives have come from Brown, University of Chicago, Columbia, Duke, Harvard, Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Pennsylvania (U Penn) Stanford and Yale. Students interested in such institutions can register to attend with ASG officials.

U.S. University Admissions Workshops

Applying to American universities can be intimidating, especially for international students who lack understanding about the process or how to even begin.

With this in mind, ASG hosts monthly seminars about the U.S. University admissions process to help students think about their options and plan ahead.

At these seminars, advisors educate students about what factors students need to consider and discuss ways they can strengthen their applications.