Dining Services

Dining Services

Daily menus that give students the opportunity to sample various American dishes from a variety of distinct regions mixed with international food choices for those who desire a touch of home.

We offer an array of international cuisine, via its café style eatery. The café enables students to invite friends to share a meal, centered around culture and friendship and enjoy a home-like environment for students as they pursue their academic careers.

Three days a week, students are served American meals, with international meals served on the other days. This planned arrangement ensures that a taste of home is preserved for the student’s experience at ASG.

All ASG dining staff and houseparents undergo culinary training every season to ensure that they are capable of preparing meals from a variety of cultures.

Dining Services

ASG students are served a variety of American and international meals twice daily, prepared by local and international dining services staff. This planned arrangement gives them a culinary experience that aids with the transition process different cultures.

All ASG dining services staff and houseparents undergo constant culinary training to ensure that they are capable of preparing meals from a variety of cultures.

Weekly Meal Schedule:

Weekdays: Breakfast and Dinner
Weekends: Brunch and Dinner

Special Dining Events

Special dining events are held every month, each with their own special theme and purpose. Speakers are invited and students are recognized for monthly achievements. Varying from casual to formal, these programs help students learn and experience the best of American and international culture. They also help students foster dining etiquette skills by giving them opportunities to conduct themselves professionally.

This banquet is the first event held for new and returning students at the beginning of the academic year. At this event, returning students are honored and recognized for their scholastic achievements from the previous year. First year and returning students in the American Scholar program are administered the Honor Oath and the Code of Student Conduct. New students are oriented to the expectations and commitments necessary for success in the American Scholar program during the first special banquet of the year.

Halloween is a holiday that every child looks forward to in America. Candy and spooky costumes highlight this holiday. Students and staff gather together in costumes to eat Halloween-themed meals and watch horror movies. Prizes are awarded to students with the best costumes.

Thanksgiving is a major American holiday that sees friends and families gathering together to celebrate over food and drink. During the Thanksgiving holiday, American Scholar students are invited to spend the holiday with families of staff and the community to experience and celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving feast.

In America, Christmas is one of the most anticipated and special occasions of the year. American Scholar students experience a glimpse of this holiday at the annual Christmas Din­ner and Dance. This is a formal event which includes dinner, dancing and a time of exchanging gifts, a popular American Christmas tradition.

The Lunar New Year is one of the most exciting celebrations in the Asian Pacific Countries. American Scholar students share this celebration with community members as they welcome in the New Year together. This event features traditional Asian cuisine and customs to enable international students to share pieces of their culture with the American population.

The Annual Spring BBQ Festival is held at the conclusion of the aca­demic year. This event is held at Chapel Hill Campus, featuring traditional American picnic cuisine and roast suckling pig on a spit.

The American Scholar Group closes the academic year by honoring senior scholars with the annual Senior Commencement Luncheon. This ceremony serves as a time to reflect upon and truly celebrate the accomplishments made by graduating seniors before they commence their journey to university study. American Scholar students and staff embrace the anticipation of new opportunities for growth, discovery and the challenges of higher education.