What does the American Scholar Group do?

ASG is an organization of schools, teachers, curriculum developers, and student support professionals that support international students with maximizing their study-in-America experience.

ASG places international students into one of our partner schools and provides them all the social and academic support services they need to be successful. This includes housing, transportation, dining services, tutoring and English language support classes, university and academic advising, and extra-curricular activities

Where are ASG students housed?

ASG students have a variety of housing options based on the campus where they reside. Options include college style dormitory buildings, complete with dinning, recreational, and study facilities; or more intimate, residential style housing for students who require a more structured environment.

Why should I choose ASG?

  1. The ASG program supports international students with their study-in-America experience in ways that the traditional homestay and boarding school models cannot.
  2. The quality of a student’s homestay experience can be inconsistent as it depends on a host family’s values, preferences, background and experience. In boarding schools, students are expected to have the independence and study skills to monitor their own progress at school. International students who do not possess the necessary English language skills, study skills, or attitude will feel isolated and face a number of challenges that are difficult to overcome.
  3. ASG programs and services are designed to address these challenges. We provide international students with all the academic and social support they need during their education in the United States. From questions about college applications, to cultural adjustment issues and tutoring support programs, ASG provides international students the attention they need to be successful

How does a typical school day run at ASG?

International Students are served breakfast at their housing facilities in the morning by houseparents before being transported to their schools. After school, students attend American English language classes and receive tutoring support programs before being served dinner in the evening at ASG dining halls.

After dinner, students who require more academic support attend more classes while other students have the option of going to a wellness center or return to their dormitories for free time. Students who are involved with clubs and activities may also meet with other officers and members to plan events and discuss club programs.

On the weekends, students will go on excursions or participate in cultural immersion activities that allow them to experience life in the American heartland to the fullest.

Where is the American Scholar Group located?

ASG schools, tutoring, and housing facilities are located across campuses in Greenville, Pennsylvania, Hermitage, Pennsylvania, Struthers, Ohio, Youngstown, Ohio, and Canton, Ohio

How old do I have to be to join/what grade levels are students accepted for?

ASG serve students from 4th – 12th grade

How do I decide what school to attend?

Deciding which school to attend can be a very significant decision. All ASG schools are accredited and equipped with high quality teaching programs and facilities. However different schools carry special programs and environments that are more appropriate for certain students, depending on their education level, goals and needs. Students also need to choose between public & private institutions. Students should discuss these options with their local ASG representatives

Students need only submit one application to ASG. They will be issued acceptances for institutions most appropriate to their goals.

What kind of accreditation do ASG schools have?

All ASG schools are accredited and licensed by the Pennsylvania and Ohio department of education

How do I apply?

Students may apply for any ASG programs via ASG representatives in their home countries or online. See a list of ASG Global Engagement representatives for your specific territory.

What is the admissions requirements?

Middle School & High School

Students are required to (1) complete a full application and (2) sit for an interview. An admissions decision will be issued after the interview. A full list of required items can be found in the application. A quick overview informs that students must submit bank statements and academic transcripts from their current schools. No SAT/TOEFL scores are required.


University admissions requirements differ according to each institution. As a general rule of thumb, the following is needed:

  • Transcripts, diplomas and certificates from the student’s high school and/or secondary education years
  • Bank statements from the last 3 months and affidavits of support
  • TOEFL and/or SAT Scores

What kind of visa do I need?

Students who plan to study for the long-term in America require an F-1 Student Visa.

How do I obtain a student visa?

To obtain an F-1 Student Visa, a candidate must first be accepted by an American institution. Upon acceptance, students must place deposits to secure their I-20. The I-20 will allow the student to petition for a visa interview at their local American embassy/consulate. An F-1 Student Visa will be issued if the student passes the interview.

What airports should I be flying to?

ASG Middle & High School students must fly to Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) as their final destination.

University students final airport destinations differ according to the institution. Contact your local representative for information regarding air travel

How do I get to ASG?

ASG transportation services staff will receive students at the airport and ferry them to their housing facilities. Be sure to look out for our vehicles and drivers. Do not follow any individual without the proper ASG credentials and ID Tags.

What can I do to prepare myself for my American education?

  • Brush up on your English Skills
  • Watch American Shows or Movies to improve your listening skills
  • Practice speaking to a friend to improve your conversational skills
  • Read novels in English to improve your reading skills.
  • Practice writing basic essays to improve your writing skills
  • Familiarize yourself with the items provided in your welcome package (Middle & High School students). They contain information about your school and the area you will be staying in.

Does ASG provide students English as a Second Language (ESL) classes?


Does ASG provide assistance to students with different needs and challenges?

Yes, ASG has a number of academic tracks for students with varying academic needs, whether or not a student requires more English language support or feels ready to take university level classes

Does ASG provide college search and admissions assistance?

Yes. ASG students are assigned academic advisors who help them with their university search and assist them with compiling the materials they need to complete their applications.

How many students are in a room?

ASG students have the option of staying in either single or double occupancy rooms.

What do ASG students do during winter/spring break?

Students are allowed to stay in ASG housing during winter and spring breaks, or they have the option of traveling to points of interest in the U.S. on an ASG organized trip.

Who will take care of my child?

ASG employs a dedicated staff of professional houseparents with years of experience caring for international students. Our houseparents pledge to put students first, and to expend every effort to keep our students comfortable, safe, and to enhance their academic achievement.

Does ASG provide dining services?

Yes, ASG staff provide students with breakfast and dinner every day, while on school days students have the option of purchasing or bringing a lunch with them to school.

Weekday dinners are served in our state of the art, commercial dinning facility, while breakfast and weekend dinners are prepared in the residence halls.

Does ASG provide transportation services?

Yes, ASG operates a fleet of vehicles driven by our professional drivers to transport students to and from school, extracurricular activities, ASG events, and local stores.

Are there any special fees associated with transportation services?

There are no fees for standard trips to and from school or ASG sanctioned events. Students will be charged a destination based flat-rate for extra trips to school, trips to testing sites, or miscellaneous non-ASG sanctioned events.

Do students have any free time or is all of their time planned for them?

Students at ASG are often very busy between school, homework, extracurricular activities, and ASG events. However, students usually have some free time everyday, and their overall level of involvement is determined by the students themselves.

Are ASG students required to follow a dress code?

While in school, students are required to follow the dress code standards of the school which they are attending. These standards vary between individual schools. Private schools require uniforms whereas public schools do not.

Additionally, students are required to wear formal attire to the monthly ASG formal dinning events. Dress standards within the residences are determined by the houseparent at that residence.

Are ASG students allowed to keep their own spending money?

US. laws allow persons entering the country to bring up to $5,000 in cash.  During orientation week, students will be assisted with opening bank accounts where they can store the majority of their funds.

For security reasons, ASG recommends that students not keep more than $250 on their person or in their room.

When and how can I contact my child?

Students and parents can communicate at any time after school and tutoring programs. During orientation week, students have the opportunity to purchase cellphones they can use to communicate with their parents and peers.

If I want to send my child a package, where do I mail/ship it to?

All packages and letters for students should be sent to the ASG office at:

Attn: (Student’s Name) American Scholar Group, 10 Penn Ave. Greenville, PA USA 16125

Are there any student leadership opportunities at ASG?

Yes, ASG students can avail themselves of numerous leadership opportunities including positions on the American Scholar student government, as club officers of any of the special interest clubs, or as ASG student workers.