Honors Program

The ASG Honors Program encourages intellectual growth through scholarship while cultivating the qualities and habits required for service and leadership. Through resources such as advanced school coursework, inspiring teachers and talented peers, educational field trips, guided workshops, and service work, honors students enrich and refine their educational experience and prepare themselves for entrance into top American universities.


Honors House Community Living

Academically credentialed housing staff

Socio-Academic field trips

Onsite academic support center

Flexible social/dining schedule

Comprehensive University planning process

High School GPA of 3.25

Membership in your High School’s National Honor Society is recommended, but not required.

Name and contact information for an academic reference (high school teacher or administrator).

Excellent High School Attendance cleared by designated ASG Staff member.

Disciplinary clearance by designated ASG staff member.

and Advantages

Expectations / Experiences

An integral component of the ASG Honors Program is the development and completion of an Honors project designed to build the characteristics of scholarship, service, and leadership. Completion of the Honors project will significantly enhance a student’s resume while preparing them for the rigors of university study. In conjunction with their academic advisor, students must plan and develop an original project from one of the following categories:

The Scholarship project, based on the Capstone projects common to American universities, is intended to develop the research and academic writing skills necessary for success in higher education. Students will conduct original research in any of the major academic disciplines, leading to the completion of a properly cited, 2,500-word essay. Alternately, students intending to pursue study in the sciences may design and implement an original experiment along with a 1,250-word lab report.

The Service project, modeled after the Eagle Scout project of the Boy Scouts of America, is designed to cultivate the characteristics of leadership and community service. Students will design, implement, and lead others in the completion of a project of at least 100 man-hours, which will benefit the local community. Projects may not benefit any for-profit enterprise; however, schools, churches, and community parks are all acceptable venues for completion of this requirement. Students must provide thorough documentation of all stages of their project from planning to completion.

The Career project is intended to provide students with the knowledge and experience necessary to give them an advantage in the job market while helping them to determine if their intended career field truly suits their interests and talents. Students will complete an internship/job-shadowing experience of no less than 60 hours in duration. At the conclusion of this project, students will compose a 750-word essay detailing the experience gained from their internship/job-shadowing, and how this experience will be applicable to their future studies and career.

The Creative project is intended to cultivate and showcase the talents of our artistically inclined students. Students may choose to produce a work of literature, visual, or performance art. Short-stories, essays, play manuscripts, or collections of poetry must be at least 2,000-words in length. Students wishing to complete a work of audio, visual, or performance art will coordinate with their academic advisor to produce a piece or pieces of appropriate scale.