• ASG Student Housing

The American Scholar Group (ASG) has multiple residence halls and dormitories in the Western Pennsylvania & Eastern Ohio region in the United States. ASG housing provides students with a first-hand experience of academic, social, cultural and recreational American life. Each residential facility carries its own unique character and charm while following an established standard of excellence. All homes include study areas, laundry facilities, student lounges, recreational areas and Wi-Fi internet access. Each dormitory is supervised by houseparents to accommodate student needs. ASG houseparents provide the finishing touch to every home as a trusted caretaker for our students. This role functions to create a dynamic culture in every house while students adapt to their cultural immersion experience.

ASG aims to ensure that students live in an environment that allows them to succeed inside and outside the classroom. As such, we house students according to their specific needs, interests, and preferences. Underclassmen and students in need of a more structured setting are typically placed in residential-style housing with a smaller number of housemates. It allows staff to monitor students closely and ensure that they receive the guidance and attention they need to succeed academically. Upperclassmen and more capable and independent students are able to choose college-style living facilities where they have more flexibility to make their own decisions, but continue receiving the support of mentors and counselors. This residence option also allows students to prepare for dorm room living in college.

College Style Dormitories

Designed for upperclassmen and more independent students, ASG’s dormitories offer an ideal balance of autonomy and structure. Our dormitories provide students with all the amenities of home, plus a number of additional facilities that can be adapted for a variety of specialized programming. Each dormitory offers a variety of rooming options ranging from double rooms to individual suites. In addition to the standard living and dining rooms, ASG dormitories include game rooms equipped with a variety of electronic game systems and table games, as well as dedicated equipped study areas. Our dormitories also feature laundry facilitates and commercial-style kitchens to service all dorm residents.

  • Designed for students who desire more independence
  • 20-30 Students
  • 2-3 Houseparents

Residential Style Housing

ASG’s Residential-Style housing facilities are designed for underclassmen and students who require more structure and support. The smaller size and home-like atmosphere of these facilities foster stronger connections between students, their peers, and their houseparents. Each house is fully furnished and includes a dining room, living room, laundry facilities, and a fully equipped household kitchen complete with the most modern amenities.

  • Designed for students who require more structure and support
  • 6-8 Students
  • 1 Houseparent


House parents play an essential role in cultivating the foundation of every student’s experience. Embodying the qualities of a role model, Houseparents take an active role in fostering strong relationships between students and reinforcing the educational and academic mission of the American Scholar Group. They serve as mentors, teaching and guiding our students in the ways of respect, accountability, positivity, and citizenship. House parents strive to usher in the concept of a team spirit throughout their housing community, bringing out the best in each individual student as well as the residential community as a whole. House parents extend a guiding hand in the affairs of the House and are pro-actively concerned with the general behavior, activities and social functions of the students. They serve as a vital link between their housing family and the ASG community. The nurturing and caring nature of each House parents allows them to provide a unique, parental touch so our students feel as if they are right at home.

Aaron Duafala

“I love being a houseparent. It is both a challenging and rewarding job, that constantly enables me to fulfill the ASG staff pledge of putting students first.”

Aaron Duafala
Henry Nguyen

“My houseparents are like my second family. They take care of me and are always willing to listen if I need to talk to someone.”

Henry Nguyen