Student Life

The American Scholar Experience

ASG student life goes beyond academics to include a variety of leadership opportunities, communal dining events, societies, and clubs aimed at providing students with exposure to American cultural festivities and social etiquette. Students can participate in weekly extra-curricular activities and trips designed to give them an immersive experience of life in the American heartland. They can get involved in different clubs and activities, join an intramural sports team, volunteer in charity organizations, or even start clubs of their own. At American Scholar, students are encouraged to pursue their own interests and embrace their individualism.

The American Scholar Model

The American Scholar model centers on the concept of “community-living” by combining both the benefits of the American boarding school model with the traditional home-stay model for international students and eliminating the potential problems of each.

The traditional home-stay model allows students to have the support of a family. However, it can be potentially isolating and restrictive–primarily because a student is limited to one family’s preferences; potential conflicts can also arise between families and students. The Dormitory–boarding school–model allows students to be independent, however, such unstructured environments can leave students feeling distant, isolated and without much support.

Our model allows students to enjoy the perks of independence and the warm embrace of a close-knit community. Instead of a single family, students are supported by an entire community of staff, teachers, advisors, mentors, counselors, and house parents, dedicated to meeting their academic, social, and emotional needs. They also have the benefit of interacting with peers from various backgrounds and cultures, as well as the opportunity for developing lifelong friendships and relationships–both within the larger community of students and their housing families.

In our program, students can also participate in clubs and activities to build their confidence and foster social skills. They will also regularly attend formal and informal dining events with their peers to learn etiquette skills and sample a wide range of cuisines. Every activity and event is designed to serve as a “living learning space” for student interaction and community-building. Simply put, the American Scholar model aims to help students build the necessary confidence and skills to “embrace their future”