The act of dining is a complex social function that is deeply rooted in a community’s culture and traditions. It is as much a part of a society’s identity as the language it speaks. Intimate dining is also a symbolic act that builds friendships, strengthens families and bonds communities. It is no coincidence that the most popular of holidays are centered around a communal meal. Simply put, dining brings people together. It is for this reason that American Scholar fashions many social activities around the concept of a shared meal.

American Scholar sees dining as both a learning experience as well as a cultural exchange. Because of this, we try to present our students with a variety of food from around the world. Dining together is a small but essential step in fostering the ideals of “community-living” among all those students and staff who are part of the American Scholar family.

Daily menus that give students the opportunity to sample various American dishes from a variety of distinct regions mixed with international food choices for those who desire a touch of home.

Visitors from China can view the above video here