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Campus living at American Scholar offers students the chance to live amongst their peers and become a part of an extended student community. Students reside in college-style dormitories and halls designed to help them develop a level of independence and familiarity necessary for transitioning into a college dormitory environment after graduation.

Campuses are ran by teams of house parents who oversee student welfare, discipline, and provide them with any necessary emotional support. House parents also prepare meals for students and maintain the general cleanliness of the facility.


Chapel Hill Campus is full of beauty and charm. It sits on 50 acres of pristine farmland in Northwestern Pennsylvania and is comprised of four buildings: Victoria Court, Raffles Hall, Fullerton House, and Lexington Stable.

Built in the 1990s by local businessmen, this beautiful estate features an outdoor basketball court, multiple gardens, and spacious living and dining quarters fitted with mahogany wood throughout.

Large decks, with dramatic countryside views, frame its housing quarters, Raffles Hall and Fullerton House. Student meals are served at Victoria Court, the activity and dining hall. Here, a large recreational lounge gives students access to activities such as table tennis, watching movies, and playing video games.

The location affords students the ability to participate in many other outdoor activities such as quad-biking and volleyball. Our annual Spring Pork Roast Barbecue is also held at the estate.


Hamilton Hall rests in the suburban district of Struthers, Ohio and is one of our newest facilities. Its dormitory wings are built around a garden courtyard and single and double rooms with shared bathrooms are available to its residents.

Equipped with multiple student lounges, student-accessible kitchens, and an entertainment center, this housing option is designed to aid upperclassmen with their transition into college dormitory life.