How Niagara Falls Made a Huge Impression on Me

May 26th, 2017 | Student Trips | Written by: Ellie Nguyen

Last Saturday, I had an opportunity to visit and explore a mighty beauty of nature which is located in New York state, Niagara Falls.

Before the day that I went to visit this tourist area, I had been so excited that I had searched the key word “Niagara Falls”, and often looked at pictures of it from my friend. Also, I had a chance to listen to the experiences in this watery place from my driver, and I was totally into it. I even told him, “I think I’m gonna fall in love with the falls before getting there.” Undoubtedly, Niagara Falls did not let me down. Incredibly, it even led me through stages of surprise and eagerness.

At first, we took the trolley to the ticket office for the boat. While waiting, I was staying on the bridge to enjoy the fresh air and the natural setting after 4-hours of driving. The fragrance of soil mixing with water refreshed me from carsickness and sleepiness, like it had just rained. I also used binoculars to have a better view of the Toronto street life. Then, I eventually got my ticket, but it was so crowded that I needed to wait for another half an hour to get in the boat and start my sightseeing.

As I was in the boat, I was closer to the small part of Toronto which is connected to the U.S. Along with other people, I said hi to visitors from Canadian side when our boats crossed each other’s paths, with an unthinkably close distance. In the meantime, I could feel the wind blowing strongly and the water from the falls permeating through my skin. In spite of the warmth radiating from the Sun, it was wet and a bit chilly. I was dreamily observing the falls, gingerly listening to the sound of the birds flying above my head, and gradually falling for this splendor ever more deeply. I attempted to memorize every single moment.

When we finished the tour, we were rather behind schedule, so we hurriedly looked for a trolley to go back to the parking lot. All of the sudden, I did not have the heart to go back home. I wanted to see more and feel more, how beautiful and peaceful it is.

It obviously became one of the most remarkable experiences in America that I have had, though it just lasted 3 hours. From the trolley I used to travel around, the crowded atmosphere, the boat “Maid of the Mist”, to the natural beauty of the place, I have been keeping them all to myself.

In the future, I will definitely visit Niagara Falls again, so this magnificence of nature will not fade away in my mind.